Dive Flag Gecko

Diver Down Gecko



  • Bright, eye-catching Dive Flag colors
  • A great memento, keepsake and decorative item for divers

Product Description

Diver Down Gecko figure keepsake memento to commemorate notable diving adventures or achievements.

This Curly Tail lizard used to be found exclusively in the Bahamas, but after Hurricane Andrew in 1992 they turned up all over South Florida. Today, the Curly Tail is well established in Florida and some get big enough to mess with small dogs.

These lizards are tenacious, just like divers.  Each figure is painted with a Dive Flag to represent all the “Reef Rangers” out there who engage awesome adventures of scuba diving.

Curly Tail figures make a great keepsake and souvenir as a reminder of diving adventures, too.  Customize them with the name of the boat dove from, a special wreck that was explored, LAT/LON numbers or they date a C-Card was received.
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Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 8 × 2 in